“What If I Know My Feelings?”

Right now, it seems a bit surreal for students to begin school online learning. I can’t say that I predicted this happening in our society. I remember watching the Jetsens and daydreaming of witnessing those technological advances. Online learning is going to be transforming education in many facets. As Educators, it is a time to shifting our image of teaching and education. The biggest component that I focus on with my students is social emotional. Being able to identify the emotion, using the strategies to cope with those emotions, and being able to calm down.

Rupert and I thought this book was a great book to read with children about what if we knew our emotions, how does that look? How does that feel? The what-if monsters are fun and engaging to children. As the school year begins, transitions will be happening and it may become overwhelming for most.

Let’s work together to bring calm into chaos, to support our children through this transitional period of schooling, and take a step back to reflect how the child is feeling!

At SAHEC, we are available by appointment for home education consulting. We will look at the learning environment, structure of the day, what is working well, and what elements should we think about changing. Contact us TODAY, for a consultation!

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