๐Ÿ“š Book Friday 8-28-2020

Another week of adding to Rupert’s Library! He has a goal to get at least 500 books in his library!! How long do you think it will take him to get there?

Did you know that studies show that families with at least 500 books and/or reading material in the home, can make a significant impact on the child’s learning! Check out this article below:

Books in home as important as parents’ education in determining children’s education level

What is fascinating about this article is how your parent’s education does not necessary elevate your child’s learning automatically! What is impactful is having a wide variety and large collection of books in the home.

When I first heard that, to be honest I thought it was quite overwhelming! How can I get that many books into my home library? How can parents provide the same for their readers? How can I bridge this gap to support these endeavor, especially with the public libraries currently being shut down?

Here are a few suggestions to bring more literacy into your homes:

  • Look to see if your community has a Little Free Library
  • Check out thrift stores for used books. Most children books are less than $1
  • Check out Rupert’s Lending Library for books that you can borrow (rent) out every 2 weeks
  • Ask me how you can earn free books through Usborne Books & More!

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