The story of Rupert and Ms. Trisha!

As told by Rupert 🙂

Hi! It’s me, Rupert! @reading.rupert 👋

I just wanted to reintroduce myself and tell you a little story about me. I work very closely with @trishy1205 keeping up with all the books in her library. I make sure they are all organized and clean so she can get them out to everyone! I love working with Trisha. She lets me swing all over the apartment and eat as many bananas and as much chocolate as I want! 🍫🍌

Here is the the story of how we met!

In 2008 (that’s 13 years ago), I was adopted by Trisha in a small town in Virginia. Now, I KNOW what you are thinking. How does a monkey end up in Virginia? Well, truth be told, I’m not from Virginia. I’m from Western Africa. One day I was looking for a book shop by the Port of Abidijan (on the Ivory Coast) and before I could even find the bookstore, I found myself following my nose to the most delicious smell of Cocoa powder. CHOCOALTE! Before I knew it, I had boarded a barge full of Cocoa Powder heading toward the Chesapeake Bay. It was a long journey and I didn’t have any books to keep me company. I didn’t want anyone to know I was there so I became a stowaway. 🤫

When the boat arrived in Virginia I had to sneak off. I was very lost and scared so I climbed the nearest tree and hid. A few days later after feeling exhausted from being up in the tree for so long without any food or water I tried to climb down and I fell. But, guess who was walking by right at the same moment I fell?


She caught me and made sure I was ok. She asked how a monkey could end up in such a small town and offered me a banana and some water from her lunch! ❤️

I was so thankful for her kindness but I didn’t have anything to give in return. She said she didn’t need anything in return and “showing kindness doesn’t need a thank you. It just needs to keep being spread!” WOW! What a awesome message to spread! We bonded over our love for books (and chocolate) and she asked if I wanted to come stay with her and be a part of her @cans4books journey. Of course I said yes!! Our goal is to spread kindness and the joy of reading books to everyone we meet!

Come back on Wednesday to enter for a prize! 😎🤞🥳 See ya then!!

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