Randall’s Sandals as 1st Cans4books Donation Drop-off Location

This past Saturday Cans4Books Community Initiative collaborated with our local grassroots buddies: Street Stewards. Our goal was to get the communities together in giving their streets a little TLC, as well as provide locations for CRV recyclable drop-off and FREE children’s book pick-ups at our local small-owned businesses. 

When I started Cans4Books, I noticed a demand for social distance and scheduled pick-ups. That is where we have thrived! As Cans4Books community has grown, I wanted to get more businesses involved. One of those ways, being a permanent drop-off location for our community members to bring CRV donations at their convenience. 🙂

Every day our community fills my heart with gratitude and love for one another, I’m excited to announce we have our

FIRST Cans4Books Donation Drop-off Location:

We will be accepting CRV aluminum beverage cans and CRV plastic beverage bottles ONLY. While you are there dropping off, check out the Free Library where Cans4Books provided children’s books and Randall’s Sandals community has provided a variety of adult books! 

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