Cans4Books Community Initiative

for our future

To create a family-friendly recycling and educational resource center, where the community can reallocate governmental recycling funds to provide free, accessible educational resources for children in our communities. 

“Reading is knowledge. And knowledge is the most powerful gift we can give to our children in the community!”

Trisha Goolsby, MS

Cans4Books Mission Statements

Cans4Books unites the community together as a collective for a common goal; FREE accessible education through reading for ALL by means of recycling.

Cans4Books connects community members and businesses, through a variety of community events, to demonstrate positive examples for children of collaborating with different backgrounds, being contributing members of society, keeping our community clean together, that kindness does matter, and the importance/joy of reading. 

Cans4Books facilitating the installation of Rupert Bench Libraries in our community’s local parks and playgrounds; providing an invitation to read and free library. 

Trisha goolsby, MS
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