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Bring educational resources into families homes.

Spreading kindness & love of reading throughout our community!


Unite the community as a collective to provide free educational resources for children


Hi, I’m Trisha. Former Early Childhood/Special Education Classroom Teacher, now a small business owner with a mission to bring educational resources into family’s homes!

August 2020, I formed Stellar At-Home Educational Consultant. My mission is to provide Social/Emotional and Transitional Support in the family home setting. To observe the environment, analyze family behaviors, and provide feedback/resources to foster positive changes in the family dynamics. I provide a safe space, trust, and compassion as I help your family get back to harmony.

Then I started Cans4Books Community Initiative in December 2020. A way to bring the community together as a collective through recycling as a way to raise money for children’s books for the neighborhood!

Short-term goal is implementing Rupert’s Bench Libraries in our communities, providing an invitation to read and free access to children’s books!

Long-term goal will be to create Family-friendly Recycling and Educational Resource Center nationwide! Rupert and RJ (Rupert Junior) are the lovable face of the program β™»οΈπŸ“š

Rupert – most kind monkey ever!

Have you seen my little monkey friend yet? His name is Rupert, I adopted him in Spring of 2008. Rupert has been my sidekick throughout many adventures: land, air, and sea. Most days, he is hanging around reading books from his Library and brainstorming ways to spread kindness. On occasions, he joins me with my students, teaching about kindness, outdoor learning adventures, and taking care of our communities. We just love learning together!

Rupert and his newest friend, RJ (short for Rupert Junior) enjoy organizing fundraisers and projects together to raise money for free educational resources!
RJ’s mission is to unite the community as a collective through philanthropic recycling for educational resources.

  • Radford University Alumnae: Radford, Virginia
    • Master of Science Degree in Education, concentration Early Childhood Special Education
    • Bachelor of Science Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, concentration Early Childhood Special Education
  • Phi Sigma Sigma Alumnae
    • Epsilon Phi Chapter – Radford University

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