Stellar At-Home Educational Services

How can I support your family?

We are experiencing traumatic times in our society and how we process this trauma varies.

Have you noticed a change in your child?

Are you having difficulty with your child’s behavior?

Do you feel they are falling behind in their learning?

Have you exhausted all the suggestions out there?

Contact me for a Virtual/Phone Consultation to collaborate in creating a plan of action to support your child’s learning, as well as your family’s growth as a collective. Socio-emotional wellbeing is my top priority!

Home Educator session provides supplemental instruction in your learner’s developmental growth.

Does your child need regulating their emotions?

1-on-1 support during transitions at home?

My holistic approach observes the family as a whole, utilizing strong collaboration between your family and myself. To implement and utilize positive behavior management. Let me provide support for your family with what I do best,

Early Childhood Specialist
Early Childhood Education Specialist

(Currently Unavailable)

Consultation – hourly$80
Home Educator – hourly$40
Tutoring – hourly $40
Ms. Trisha

M.S. in Education, Early Childhood Special Education
B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies, Early Childhood/Special Education
NAEYC Member 2020, DEC Member 2021

Contact SAHEC’s Owner, Trisha Goolsby for a free 15-minute phone consultation!

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